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1. What is a remittance?

“Remittance” means the transfer of money from one country to another.

The money transfer can be done for family or friends or for personal use. The money transferred can be used to pay for household bills, healthcare, education and general living costs. Sometimes people send money to themselves if they have a mobile phone or bank account overseas.

2. Who Is Cassava Remit

Cassava Remit is a registered online money transfer service which provides international remittance services to expatriates and migrant workers. The Company is part of the Econet Group, a Telecommunications, Media and Financial Technology Company founded in Zimbabwe. Econet is also the parent Company for EcoCash and Steward Bank.

3. Why would I use your service?

The internet has improved our lives in many ways. We all know how quick and easy it is to send an email or to buy something from an online store.

Cassava Remit is a very active and a leading player in the use of money transfers through the internet. Our online service is very simple to use, safe, secure and low cost.

You can send money from a computer or any internet capable device anytime, day or night.

Money can be sent to bank accounts, for cash pickup, to a Mobile Money service (sometimes called mobile wallets) and as a mobile airtime top-up.

Cassava Remit’s top priority is to ensure that our customers and their money are secure.

4. What services don’t you offer?

1. Cassava remit does not accept cash as a means of paying for your money transfer. As an online business, it would be very difficult for you to physically get the money to us.

2. For security reasons, we are required and we must know where money is coming from before it is sent abroad. It is generally much harder to do this with cash.

3. We do, however, offer cash collection to recipients in Zimbabwe through our trusted partners.

5. Can I use a mobile app?

Yes indeed you can. You can also send money on-the-go, anytime, through the Cassava Remit mobile app. Available on the Google Play Store, the Cassava Remit app lets you send money right from your mobile phone, as a guest or a registered user! Use our app to transfer money reliably and easily, pay your bills, estimate transfer fees, track your transactions and buy airtime.

6. I have sent money, what happens next?

After you have sent money, both you the sender and the person you have sent money to in the receiving country (recipient) will receive a notification by email/SMS to let you know that the payment has been sent.

You will both receive a second notification when the transfer arrives at its destination.

If you want to ask anything about the progress of your transfer, please contact Cassava Remit customer service on

7. Someone I don’t know has asked me to send them money through Cassava Remit, should I?

There are a lot of unpleasant but clever criminals in the world. You may be aware or you have been a victim of a scam – where you have been asked for money up-front in return for a big pay-out later, or have been demanded for payment to fix an imaginary problem with your computer.

We have a Team of well-trained Customer executives who are available to spot these sort of things and stop it from happening. We however urge you not to send money to anyone you don’t know no matter what they say to you.

Should you suspect that you may be the victim of an online scam, contact your local police service. Many national forces have special internet crime units that will be of assistance.

8. Do I need to supply identification?

As a registered money transfer services, not only are we required to check and verify the details of those sending money but is also important that we are able to keep the Cassava Remit service safe for all of our customers.

By asking for official identification, we are able to verify that people sending money are who they say they are. We are also required by law to carry out these checks.

You may be contacted by a member of the Cassava Remit Customer Care team asking you to provide a copy of your official identification. In most circumstances these can be uploaded directly to us within minutes.

9. Where can I send money to?

At present, Cassava Remit offers money transfers to 2 countries (The UK and South Africa). There are plans to increase the number of countries so please keep checking for updates on our website.

You can choose a destination country by going to and selecting the “Send To” drop-down menu.

The available receiving options (e.g. bank deposit or cash pickup) vary depending on the country you are sending from and the destination you are sending to.

We want to offer everyone as many options as possible and we are adding more send and receive countries all the time.

10. How much money can I send?

The maximum amount of money which you are able to send is dependent upon the country in which you reside. This is because different countries have different regulations relating to money transfers.

Sending limits can also be different depending on how you pay for the transfer. Card payments often have a different limit to payments from your bank account.

To check the limit for your particular transfer, simply enter how much you would like to send into the “Send To” calculator. It will tell you if you exceed the maximum.

11. How do I pay for my transfer?

Unfortunately, Cassava Remit does not accept cash as a means of paying for your money transfer.

As an online service business, it would be very difficult for you to physically get the money to us. In addition for security reasons, it is important to know where money is coming from before it is sent abroad. It is much difficult to do this with cash hence the payment option below.

Debit & credit card

You can pay for your money transfer through Cassava Remit using a debit or credit card in any of the countries where our service is available.

Cassava Remit accepts MasterCard, Maestro and VISA. When paying with a credit card you may be charged a cash advance fee so please check with your card provider.

Manual bank payment (UK only):

You can send the money directly from your bank account to Cassava Remit’s account: Use your online banking service to create a transfer to Cassava Remit.

The payment must be received by midnight.

12. How do I send Money to Zimbabwe?

It is very simple and quick with Cassava Remit.

When you want to send money home to your friends and family in Zimbabwe, Cassava Remit makes it really easy for you. We also make it fast, safe and affordable.

We offer you a choice of ways to send money:

Mobile Money transfers – Send directly into EcoCash or through:

Bank transfers –send to any bank account of:

  • Steward Bank
  • Other banks

Cash pickups – Cash can be picked up at outlets which are part of Cassava Remit such as Steward Bank or through Econet shops nationwide plus other strategic partners such as Zimpost, CBZ and ZB Bank.

13. What does the recipient need to be able to collect their funds?

Collecting funds is very simple. Regardless of how the money was sent, all the recipient needs is a copy of their ID and handset with their message. They present these to the cashier/teller and they will automatically have their funds disbursed.

14. How much does it cost to send money?

Our system is very efficient in calculating the amount you will be charged for your transaction. Once you enter the amount you want to send, the system will automatically advise the amount the recipient will receive and the cost of your transaction. All this is done before you confirm your transaction.

15. What is the minimum amount I can send?

The minimum amount one can send using Cassava Remit is GBP1.49.

16. What do I do if I send money to the wrong mobile number?

We encourage all senders to verify the receiving mobile number before transacting but in the event that funds are sent to the wrong mobile number the first thing one needs to do is to immediately report to Cassava Remit on where you should provide the reference number for the transaction. If the wrong recipient has not spent the funds, they are returned to the sender. However if the wrong recipient has spent the funds, we will get hold of the wrong recipient and encourage them to reimburse the funds in order for Cassava Remit to do the reversal.

17. In which currency does the recipient receive the money that would have been sent?

The money is received in USD if recipient is in Zimbabwe and if they are in South Africa, the money is received in South African Rands.

18. Which exchange rate do you use?

The transaction exchange rate is determined by the prevailing daily international exchange rates for your financial institution where funds will be channelled from.

19. How long does it take for one to receive the money?

Sending money with Cassava Remit is extremely efficient. Funds that you send will reflect at the recipients account within 24hrs.

20. In Zimbabwe, is the money sent guaranteed and is it in USD?

Yes indeed the money is guaranteed in USD at any of our partners and shops. Once is however free to utilise the funds via several electronic channels mentioned above.

21. Are there any incentives for sending money via Cassava Remit?

Indeed there are some great incentives. Of the total amount received, the Zimbabwean Government will give you 3% and EcoCash will give you an additional 4%. Over and above this, we have a promotion where we are rewarding all recipients of $50 and above with $3 for the first funds received and $5 for subsequent funds received thereafter. This promotions runs till the 31st of March 2018.

22. What are your customer support channel contact details?

Facebook: Cassava Remit
Twitter: @cassavaRemit
Mobile: +442030518189