Send money to your loved ones with Cassava Remit

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How it works?

Send money in 3 easy steps

Step 1: Choose Amount

You can either enter the amount you want to send or the amount you need the recipient to receive.

Step 2: Select Recipient
  • Paying a new recipient - Please enter the recipient details.
  • Making a payment into a previously set up recipient.
Step 3: Make Payment

You can pay using your debit card or bank account.

Your loved ones can receive the money directly into their EcoCash wallet.

Why choose Cassava Remit?

Get complete control over international money transfer

Cost Effective

Thousands of our customers enjoy better rates than their banks.


We offer the highest level of payment security. Your money is safe in our hands.

Quick & Faster

During business hours, the beneficiary usually receives the funds within 48 hours.

Available Anywhere

Exchange money from your web browser, or using our native apps.

Remittance payments are secure with us

We have fully bolstered our security infrastructure and now offer the highest level of payment security. With Cassava Remit, your transactions are in good, safe hands.