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Zimbabwe 3% bonus scheme

Our Zimbabwe partners will add 3% to the payout amount as an incentive scheme if you send money with Cassava Remit to Zimbabwe. So if you send a $100 your recipient will receive $103. Great!!

Here's how it works:

  • Mobile Money - EcoCash will add an additional 3% to your recipient’s Ecocash account.
  • Cash pickup - Steward Bank will pay out an additional 3% to your recipient.
  • Bank deposit - When sending a bank deposit, your recipient’s bank will credit their account with an additional 3%.

The amount recorded on Cassava Remit transaction confirmation emails and sms messages will reflect the original amount trnasfered. The 3% bonus will be added automatically by our payout partners. This is not a Cassava Remit incentive and is solely our partners incentive. If the 3% bonus is not applied please contact the partner dealing with your transfer.


  • 1. This initiative applies to person-to-person remittances only.
  • 2. Cassava Remit accepts no liability in the event that the 3% is not added to your beneficiary’s receive amount. This incentive is solely sponsored by our Zimbabwean partners.